Vendor Profile: Lazy T Ranch

Jay Wright and Henrietta Crose like to experiment with different seeds to create what Henrietta playfully calls “flavors” of microgreens. The couple started growing microgreens and lettuces 12 years ago, and after some experimenting with a roadside stand, have been part of the Goshen Farmers Market for the last seven. In that time, Henrietta and Jay watched their sales slowly grow. They attribute the rise to the “trust and goodwill” developed overtime through conversations with their customers.

Upon retiring from another line of business, Jay began looking around for a new project with relatively low start-up costs. With help and encouragement from Henrietta, the couple converted 2 of Jay’s 20 ½ acres of land rented to a corn and soybean farmer to grow lettuces and other crops. Over the years they have enjoyed experimenting with growing methods and different types of produce. Currently, Jay and Henrietta grow several of their products hydroponically and have lately been venturing into cover crops. Their farm sports solar panels, rain barrels and other trappings to conserve resources and make their operations more sustainable.

The operation is family oriented, drawing the name “Lazy T Ranch” from son, Tim. A number of years ago, Tim and his sister Sarah were both involved with Elkhart County 4-H and needed a name for their operation. Jay threatened the name “Lazy Tim” hoping to motivate him to do his chores. The chores went undone that day, Jay made good on his threat, and the name has stuck to this day.

Jay and Henrietta bring the familial spirit to their business by seeing customer relationships as the foundation of their work. They self-describe as straight forward, practical people who won’t try to represent themselves as something they are not. “Microgreens not sprouts,” Henrietta will clarify before explaining the nutrient benefits of including their microgreens in salads and other dishes. Stop in at Lazy T Ranch’s booth and don’t be afraid to ask questions! They will be happy to talk with you about their latest experiments or provide meal ideas featuring their nutrient-packed microgreens!

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