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Sprouts Kids Club

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Every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. (May through October) Sprouts Kids Club members will receive 2-$1 tokens to spend on any fresh fruits or vegetables of their choice.  Kids can pick up their tokens each week from the market's front desk.  This program is free to join for school-aged kids.
Our goal is to empower kids to make healthy food choices by enabling them to pick out what produce they'd like to try each week!  Program benefits:
  • Kids will meet and interact with farmers.
  • Kids will learn more about fruits and vegetables through interactive activities.
  • Participation helps kids to make healtier food choices.
Look for Sprouts Kids Club logo throughout the market to help identify $1-$2 priced produce during our Tuesday market.
Our 2023 Sprouts Kids Club will feature an interactive booth from Goshen Health on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Participating kids can earn an additional token.
Summer Health Lunch Bunch
During the months of June and July Goshen Health partners with the local school's summer lunch sites.  Goshen Health offers a Summer Health Lunch Brunch program featuring interactive nutrition education activities. Kids who attend these lunch sites and participate earn fun prizes while learning!  One prize they earn  is a token to participate in the Goshen Farmers Market Sprouts Kids Club!  
One of our vendors staffs an interactive booth at Camp Koda.  She teaches lessons range from healthy eating, learning about the food groups, exercise, activities practicing gratitude, and learning what foods grow in which seasons.
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