Nelson's Herbs

Jason Nelson

Nelson’s Herbs, from Edwardsburg, Michigan, joined the Goshen Farmer’s Market in 2018 because of the way the Goshen area cares for local foods and local farmers. “The city of Goshen is one of the best towns around for supporting local agriculture,” explained Nelson. Typically, Nelson’s booth features vats of still-in-the-soil micro greens stacked high and sold by the ounce, succulent plants grown and propagated by his mother, and occasional features like sunchokes or huge heads of mild roasting garlic. If you are unsure what something might be used for, just ask! Nelson is a bit of a foodie and will happily recommend meal pairings with some of his greens and share his ideas for how to prepare sunchokes (did you know you can substitute them for nuts to make pesto!?).

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