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Farm Tour: White Yarrow

Dale and Jo of White Yarrow Farm have had a booth at the market since its beginning in 2000. On any given Saturday their booth is a buzz of activity. Dale is busy helping customers select vegetables and Jo is busy making beautiful bouquets of flowers. Their farm is in Marcellus, Michigan where they utilize 5 acres for vegetables and 1 acre for flowers. White Yarrow Farm uses no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and to improve their soil uses cover crops, natural minerals, and compost.

Dale prefers to use soil blocks to start most of his vegetables as they are quicker to transplant and choses to mix his own germination/soil block.

In addition to selling at the Goshen Farmers Market, White Yarrow Farm also operates a CSA program. Each year their CSA program serves 65 families in Marcellus, Three Rivers, and Kalamazoo. They are also selling their fresh cut flowers to several florists in Michigan: Schoolcraft, Three Rivers, and Kalamazoo.

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